Review – MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15


Today I am talking about the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. I bought this at Edinburgh Airport – to be honest it was an impulse buy! I knew it was a well-known foundation but i hadn’t really searched reviews or looked into whether it would be suitable for my skin type (dry!) so it was a spontaneous purchase when I realised there was the duty free MAC counter. It retails at around £22.

I bought the colour NC15. Now, this was in winter so I was pale at the time! So now that it is summer and my skin is more tanned (even if it is mostly fake!) I don’t find myself reaching for it very much at the moment because it leans a little pale, but again, this is great news for my natural skin colour! Formula-wise, it is quite thick, but it is a fuller coverage foundation so I feel like this is expected. Now, the first few times I used this foundation I really didn’t like it because it felt quite thick and dry and just didn’t feel like it made my skin look anything special.

If it had been a cheap foundation I might have just given up with it but because I had spent a bit more, I was determined to make it work for me! So I tried a few different ways of using it on my skin, which does lean on the drier side. First, I make sure I use a good moisturiser – I really like the Garnier Moisturiser for ultra dry skin in a pink bottle for this. I’ve also found I can mix this with a drop of the Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-In-Oil to make it super hydrating and not so drying. This gives a gorgeous glowing foundation but still has the full coverage of the foundation. If I don’t do this, I make sure to use a hydrating primer and my favourite is the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer which works brilliantly underneath.


In terms of its lasting power, I find that if I use my moisture boosting tips from above, it will last really well on my skin, but will cling to drier patches if I haven’t prepped my skin properly.

So overall I’ve come to like this foundation, but would I buy it again? Probably not, it hasn’t become a staple in my routine but I do like using it. I think this would be brilliant on oily or even normal skin but on my dry skin, it just isn’t quite the perfect match. This isn’t to say you won’t absolutely love it – and I’m glad I’ve tried it!





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