Favourite Maybelline Mascaras


My absolute favourite brand from the high street to buy mascaras from is Maybelline. They just do it so well – they have mascaras to suit all types of lashes and help you achieve the effect you want. My two favourites and the Rocket Volume and Lash Sensational.( FYI: neither are waterproof formulas – I always use regular!) I love these two alone but I love them most as a pair together.


First is the Rocket Volume. I have been repurchasing this mascara for about 2 years now. Since I discovered how fab it is, I have always made sure to keep one in my collection.When I first started using this, I got lots of compliments and questions about this mascara!

I just LOVE the brush. As you can see, it has hundreds of really tiny, short plastic bristles that coat literally every lash in mascara. One coat gives a beautiful, natural look. 2 coats gives a more dramatic, fluttery effect. It would be difficult to apply too much of this mascara which is brilliant – the wand stops product building up on the lashes. I love to use this as my base coat for every single mascara I uses as it coats every lash really well. Another thing to note is that it stays on really well but still comes off easily, so you don’t need to scrub at your eyes to remove.


Secondly is the Lash Sensational mascara. This one is newer to my collection and I’ve only bought it a couple of times but it is already one of my all time favourite mascaras! This one I love to use on top of the Rocket Volume – it is so black which gives brilliant definition to the eyes, The shape of the wand sort of pulls the lashes upwards, giving the effect that you have used lash curlers (which I never do!) Again, its brilliant at coating every lash and stays put all day. I think the formula and wand are equally good which makes it such a handy product.

After writing this post I feel tempted to buy a different new Maybelline mascara as there are always new releases, and I am yet to be disappointed by any of their mascaras!



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