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I know – my MAC lipstick collection is tiny! I only own three shades which seems like hardly any compared to lots of other peoples. I think it is because I’m not really a ‘lipstick person’, so I tend not to invest in lipsticks because I just don’t wear lipstick very often. However, I reach for these three all the time because I chose really wearable, natural colours so I thought I would share them today!


From left to right – Faux, Honeylove, Velvet Teddy

The first shade in the picture is Faux. It is a ‘satin’ finish which I really like because it sits beautifully on the lips without being drying or too slippery and glossy. Faux is a pink colour with a sort of brown undertone. I don’t usually go for pink lipsticks but this one is so wearable! It looks beautifully elegant whilst not being too bold, yet still adding a lovely colour to the lips. I’d definitely try another satin finish as it looks really lovely on the skin. I bought this on a lovely trip to London for my birthday so I love wearing it as it always reminds me of the fun memories!

The second shade is Honeylove. This is my most recent MAC lipstick, my boyfriend really kindly bought it back from duty free for me! I really love this shade. It’s quite a light, brownish nude which looks lovely with a brown toned lip liner worn underneath. I reach for this one the most because it looks very natural. It is a ‘matte’ finish which I really like and it isn’t too drying on the lips, but I do find i need to reapply this one a bit more often because it is a lighter colour – I don’t want my natural lip colour showing through!

The third shade is Velvet Teddy. I know, I caved in and bought into the hype! I heard this lipstick talked about everywhere so I knew it must be worth it. It wasn’t actually what I expected it to be like, its darker than I had imagined! Still, its a beautiful shade and I can completely see why people love it so much. Again, another ‘matte’ finish. My favourite way to wear this shade is with a black or grey clothes as I feel like that really makes it stand out! Again, another airport purchase – this one came from Edinburgh airport in December. Does anyone else remember where all their makeup purchases were??


Left to Right – Velvet Teddy, Faux, Honeylove

So that is it for my MAC lipsticks – not very many I know! But it would be silly to me to buy lots of colours that I wouldn’t end up wearing, so I’m very happy with my little collection. Hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know any recommendations for similar shades I could try!



    • September 10, 2016 / 11:03 am

      Thank you!! I’ll have a look now, I love seeing other people’s collections! Yeah, very easy to wear! Thank you xxx

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