Mavala Double Lash Review

As someone who struggles with their lashes, I am easily tempted by lash-enhancing products and when I heard about Mavala Double Lash, it wasn’t long before it was added to my basket and on its way to me! I bought mine from Amazon here

A little back story on my lashes – I used to have really long, full eyelashes but a couple of years ago I started picking at my lashes when I was wearing mascara. It was pulling out my eyelashes and soon found I couldn’t stop. I went through a stage of having really sparse lashes and I realised I had to try even harder to stop or I would have none left. It is much better now, I leave my lashes alone and its only if I’m feeling very anxious or nervous that it becomes a problem.

A tip for anyone struggling with the same problem would be to remove eye makeup as soon as you are at home. I found that I would absent mindedly pick off mascara whilst watching TV, so now I take my makeup off as soon as I can, and try to have as many mascara-free days as I can. Its a problem I’m ashamed of but I’m sure I can’t be the only one with this bad habit!

Anyway, that is why I was interested in this product as it claims to enhance lashes, to lengthen and protect for stronger lashes.I read lots of reviews, as with any beauty product there were some people who found it to be amazing and some who said it did nothing. So I decided not to expect too much and if it worked miracles then brilliant!


There is a wand that dips into the formula, then you simply apply to your lashes like mascara. I use this before bed and wash away in the morning. It says it can be used beneath mascara but I haven’t tried this yet, for now I’m happy just using it once a night. It does dry on the lashes in a way that means you can see it slightly, but nothing so noticable that someone else would spot!

On to results. Now, I am not a religious user of this. I just forget to put it on every night! So I end up using it a couple of times a week. My lashes feel strong and I don’t notice them falling out as much anymore and I do think a lot of that is down to this product so it definitely gives a thumbs up for that! Maybe if I used it more often, I would see different results but I’m happy using it as I am as I seem to be getting good results. I would be interested in trying other lash serums too but they can be pretty pricey! For now I’ll stick with my Mavala.



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