Bondi Sands Dark Foam: Tanning Routine


I’m naturally pale (lighter than NC15 shade) and whilst a lot of the time I embrace the pale look, I love to be able to change it up and go for the tanned look! I haven’t tried hundred of fake tans – I was really lucky as I found my perfect self-tanner really quickly. My favourite is the Bondi Sands Dark Self-Tanning Foam.

Where to start! This really is the perfect self-tanner. I’ll start with the scent. Mmmm, it smells liked coconuts and holidays! I’ve never used a tan with such a delicous scent before, I actually find myself taking off the lid sometimes just to smell the product. As with almost all self-tanners, it does have a slight biscuit type smell if you leave it on overnight to develop, but this isn’t strong and seems to just wash away in the shower.

The colour is gorgeous. It is a lovely, rich shade that isn’t too red or too green which I have found in previous tans. It just makes my skin look really bronzed and it is more of a brown colour, not orange. As for the wear-time, I usually get 5 days wear from this. For me, this is brilliant because my skin can be dry and eczema prone. It just glides over any dry areas rather than drawing attention to them which is amazing for me. After 5 days though, I’m always desperate to scrub it away, as I am with any tan. I like a really even tan so once it starts to go patchy, I prefer to just remove and reapply.


My favourite way to use this tan is to exfoliate for the few days before I apply. I tend to shower in the evening, dry then apply this tan with a mitt, about 2 pumps per area of my body! I then leave it over night (wear full length pyjamas that you don’t mind going brown!!) and rinse the tan away in the morning. After that day, I moisturise whenever I remember for around 5 days, when I use an exfoliating glove to remove.

Since I bought this tan, I haven’t even thought about trying any others! It’s brilliant, I’m so pleased I bought it. There’s nothing wrong with being pale, I just find it fun to be able to switch things up and pretend I’ve been laying out on a hot beach in the sun! Hope this review was helpful! X



    • September 17, 2016 / 10:33 am

      So glad I tried it, such a great one! Xx

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