NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer ‘Sunny’ Review


This is a very well loved bronzer! It is the NYC Smooth Skin ‘Sunny’ Bronzer. When I first bought this a few years ago, I definitely bought into the online obsession for this bronzer and I’m so glad I did.

However, I just went to find a link for you to add into this blogpost and I can’t find a UK hightstreet link! Does this mean it has been discontinued? *begins madly hunting around Superdug and Boots*  I did find it on Amazon so at least you can find it there for now!




I bought mine for a couple of pounds about 3 years ago, and I am still reaching for it now! I do prefer it when I am slightly more tanned (pale skin readers will know how hard it is to find a cooler toned high street bronzer) but it is just lovely.

It has a brilliant buttery formula that I love applying with either a really fluffy duo-fiber brush or a more dense bronzer brush. It hard to say what it is I love so much about this bronzer, its just a great all-rounder. I wouldn’t use this to contour with as it is too warm toned, but for a sun-kissed, bronzed look, its lovely.

I’m going to hunt around and see whats happened to this bronzer, I’ll be so sad if it has disaapeared from the shops, I’ll report back when I find out!


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