Garnier Daily Rich Moisturiser for Dry to Very Dry Skin: Review and Thoughts

Today I want to talk about my favourite facial moisturiser! It is from Garnier Moisture Match line, and it is the pink one for ‘dry to very dry skin’.  It ranges in price depending on where you buy it but it usually costs around £4 and is linked here from Boots.


This is a daily moisturiser for your face that ‘soothes and comforts dry skin’. It is a very pale baby pink colour, and is scented. I normally don’t choose moisturisers that have scent as I worry perfumes would irritate my skin, especially as my skin is dry but I’ve never had any problems with this one.

It has a thick consistency that sort of melts into the skin – whilst it does make my skin feel really nourished, it doesn’t feel heavy. I’m sure you’ll know the feeling if you have dry skin too – it feels so lovely to have a slightly thicker moisturiser that feels really hydrating!

My skin honestly drinks this! It is worth mentioning that it has no SPF ( I use a seperate one anyway) so you’ll need to add your own sun protection if you are using it during the day!


This works brilliantly under makeup. If I know I will be doing evening makeup, I make sure to put plenty of this on, let it sink in over and hour or so. This provides the perfect base for makeup, my skin feels smooth and even and moisturised.

I have repurchased this one so many times, it just goes to show that sometimes budget buys are even better than spending a lot of money on high end products!



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