Mac Stripdown Lip Liner: Dupes and Review


I only own one MAC lip liner and it is ‘Stripdown’. I would describe it as a brown-toned nude shade. I use it a lot – it is a lovely mid-way colour that adds slightly more definition with the brown tones but still looks really natural and I’ve worn this with plenty of different lipsticks!

Of course, MAC is quite expensive compared to a lot of high street brands so I wanted to share a couple of liners that I have which come quite close in colour or use.


L-R: Mac Stripdown, Primark Liner, Kiko 700 Light Sienna

First is the Primark Lip Liner. I don’t think this one has a shade name, but it was the only nude in the collection so hopefully you’ll be able to tell in stores which one it is! While this one is slightly darker (possibly a better dupe for Mac’s Oak lip liner), it can be applied lightly for a very similar colour, just a shade or 2 darker. It has a very similar formula to the MAC pencil and lasts just as long. For £1, it is a brilliant budget alternative.

Next is the KIKO Smart Lip Pencil in the colour ‘700, Light Sienna’. This one is very similar in colour, maybe slightly more red toned. At £2.50, its another super affordable option. Th formula of this one is a little more dry but it is the lower end of KIKO lip pencils – there are lot of the more expensive ones at around £6 which have the most creamy formula ever, I just haven’t got a dupe for MAC Stripdown myself!


I hope this was a helpful post, let me know if dupe posts are helpful as I have a few more high end products with more purse-friendly alternatives.

What are your favourite lip liners? I need a few more in my collection!



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