Bath And Body Works Dupe: B&M Essence Candles


I’d seen a lot of excitement on Instagram about the newly discovered dupes for the Bath&Body Works candles in B&M stores here in the UK!

I wish we have did have Bath and Body Works here, the scents and collections seem so much wider – I guess we always want what we can’t have! So I went to the local B&M shop to see what I could find.

As a side note, B&M actually had hundreds of candles, from lots of different ranges so its worth having a look at the candles in general as they had a really great selection.


I was please to see they had plenty of these Essence candles to choose from! Of course, they are similar to the Bath&Body Works packaging, with the metal lid with a pattern on it, along with the look of the label too.

But the scents themselves are also the dupes. They had quite a few to choose from, I saw ‘Marshmallow Fireside’ which is definitely a copy of the US version!

Some more that I looked at included (these aren’t all the correct names as my memory isn’t great!)

  • Apple Orchard scent
  • Brown Sugar scent
  • Radiant Red Maple scent
  • Lakeside scent

Those are all I can remember seeing in the store near me but there might be lots more scents too!


So these candles retail at £2.99 – so cheap! I decided to just get one for now, I chose Lakeside as this was definitely my favourite scent, closely followed by Radiant Red Maple. If I get on well with it, I’m going to stock up on the range to see me through the winter!

Lakeside is such a gorgeous scent. Blue candles make me think of summer but this was a lovely crisp, rich, autumnal scent and I can’t wait to start burning it, I am so pleased I got it. For under £3 you can’t really go wrong, such a brilliant find.

If you have a B&M store near you, I really recommend going to have a peek at the candle selection!



  1. October 30, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    I love that these were from B&M! It’s such a great shop! I always find really lovely things in the one where we live!

    • October 30, 2016 / 8:50 pm

      It’s brilliant isn’t it! So handy for getting home bits and pieces 🙂 xxx

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