Nail Care Routine: Tips For Strong, Healthy Nails


I posted recently about my love for the OPI Nail Envy (post here) and I decided ot share my whole nail care routine today!

I use 4 products to keep my nails in the best condition I can. I used to have quite dry, weak nails that used to break off a lot. Once I started using Nail Envy and my nails started to improve, I started a regular routine to keep boosting moisture in my nails and keep them as healthy as I can.


The first step I do is remove all my nail polish. Then I start with the Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener, which I use about once a week. This is a treatment that you apply to the tips of your nails to harden them. I think the science is that it fuses the layers of your nails together to stop them breaking but I can’t be sure! This goes on about once a week when I take all my nail polish off.

Next I apply two coats of the OPI Nail Envy. Again, there’s plenty to read about why I love this in my previous nail care post! This protects the nails, and really does help to strengthen. My nails definitely grow faster when I use this for some reason which is brilliant!

If I am applying polish, this is the stage I do that. My favourite colours are nudes and light pinks colours as well as burgundy reds for the autumn time! I usually apply two coats to get a really good colour and then a top coat. If I’m not painting my nails, I just move on to the next step!

So on to cuticle oil. I only started using cuticle oil recently but I feel like it makes a really big difference, especially now the colder weather is here! I use the Mavala Cuticle Oilto massage into my cuticles to keep them extra moisturised. I feel like it is the massaging in that helps stimulate nail growth.

Finally, I use my all-time favourite hand cream which is the Hemp Hand Cream from The Body Shop. This banishes dry hands forever! It is so hydrating and luxurious as it is quite a thick cream.

That’s everything! It sounds like a lot but I promise it doesn’t take too long and I really notice a difference when I follow a routine. I love the process of taking time to wind down and paint my nails, I find it really satisfying!

Please let me know any nail care products you reccomend! X




  1. November 3, 2016 / 1:59 pm

    oh man, you and I would get along reaaal well. I’m obsessed with nail care and your post is perfect. I never really go out of my way to use cuticle oil- but I always think that I should…do you see a significant difference when using it?

    xo, JJ

    • November 3, 2016 / 7:13 pm

      Ah thank you! I’m sure we would!! I know what you mean – it’s hard to tell because I use it alongside the other products but it definitely keeps them moisturised, and for me, that helps target breakages 🙂 xxx

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