Essential Beauty Tools

Looking around my makeup collection, there are always a few tools that I keep around and I’ve realised how often I reach for these. I only noticed how essential these tools were when I lost my tweezers and panicked haha! It got me thinking about non-makeup pieces that I use all the time.


So first, tweezers! Such an essential, for tidying brows and applying false lashes. I use these all the time, I couldn’t be without tweezers really. Mine are just from Boots I think, but I know that Tweezerman make brilliant ones that are worth the investment.

A mini-nail file is essential for filing your nails of course. There is nothing worse than catching the edge of your nail in a pair of new tights! Whether you shape your nails yourself, or just use to file if you get any rough edges, a nail file should always be handy (‘handy’, get it? bad joke alert haha!)

Lash curlers are brilliant at giving you definition and curl, especially if you have quite short lashes! I don’t recommend using these daily as it could damage your lashes with overuse (i have a blogpost about my eyelashes & how I look after them here!) but for a special occasion, I love to grab my lash curlers.

I keep a little comb like this one with all my beauty bits because I love using it to backcomb my hair slightly! I have super long hair that can sometimes be weighed down by the length, so I love teasing the roots to give extra volume! I have used backcombing brushes before but I find this one does the job the best.

Finally, one I always need on hand is a makeup sharpener! My favourite is this one from Barry M as it has a regular small sharpener for lip and eye liners, as well as a large one for lip crayons etc. Definitely an essential! What are your essential beauty tools? Xx




  1. November 23, 2016 / 6:38 pm

    mini nail file and eye lash curlers AMEN girl. Two for sure necessities in my book! I also carry around a mini brush rather than comb but only because with my thick hair that combs bristles would break in two brushes lol such a good post!

    xo, JJ

    • November 23, 2016 / 8:45 pm

      I’m so glad you liked the post!! Ah I can’t be without a nail file haha, especially when I’m out and about! Xxxx

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