Bath And Body Works Dupe: Essence Christmas Candles


Recently I wrote about how much I was loving the B&M Essence candles, which are a total dupe for the Bath and Body Works candles! So when I spotted that they have Christmas versions, I couldn’t wait to try another. These are just £2.99 which such a bargain for a large multi-wick candle.


They had a fab selection, with about 6 different winter candles that I could see! They mostly all had this pretty frosted, white and blue themed packaging. I really love that these come with the lid, with a gorgeous snowflake print on top, it just feels so festive!

These come with 2 wicks so they burn down evenly, and have a really good scent throw without being too overpowering.


I got mine in the scent ‘Vanilla Snowflake’. It is a lovely, soft, vanilla scent. This one isn’t particularly festive in the smell, but I think the packaging is the main thing I loved about this one, sooo pretty.

I know I saw a berry one, a winter mist and a winter candy scent too, so I might have to head back to pick up a few more! I can see a stockpile of these adding up around my house haha!


Let me know if you decide to pick up some of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts! X


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