M&S Beauty Advent Calendar: Days 8-11

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I want to carry on sharing the contents of my lovely M&S Beauty Advent Calendar so today I am showing you what I got on days 8-11!

I am just so impressed by this calendar, it has such brilliant products in – all things I will use and I am really excited by,its making my December ten times better!

(Here is my post on what I got for the first 7 days)


Day 7 was so so exciting to me. It is the Alpha H Liquid Gold! I have wanted to try this for such a long time but as it is an expensive product, I was holding out on purchasing because I didn’t want to spend the money if I didn’t like it. This is such a good product size too, 50ml will last such a long time.

This is basically a night treatment that you apply with cotton wool to cleansed skin, leave to dry and then either apply the rest of your evening skincare or leave by itself as a more intensive treatment. I have only used this twice so far but I am really impressed already, I can see that with continued use this would benefit your skin so much.


Day 8 was this Autograph All In One nail polish in the shade ‘Cranberry’ I haven’t got a colour like this in my polish collection – as you an see from the photo, I applied it to my nails straight away haha!

I loved the formula of this polish and the colour beautiful, slightly Christmassy but not too festive nor the traditional red. Love it! It lasted well on my nails even through work too, I only changed polish so that I could try out the next product I got….


I got another nail polish on Day 9, this time the Nails Inc Gel One Coat polish in Picadilly Court, which says it is fuelled with biotin which all sounds so good for your nails. Again, I wanted to try this one too so I waited about 5 days wearing the other polish and I am currently wearing this one as I am writing this!

It is a beautiful, deep wine colour, but not too dark. It is lasting well so far, so I will update soon and let you know how long it ends up lasting.


So those have been the next 4 products in my advent calendar! Honestly, the items in here are so great and they keep getting better, I can’t recommend picking this one up next year enough! Xxx


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  1. December 21, 2016 / 11:24 am

    I really regret not getting the M&S beauty calendar as it seems like one of the best ones out there! I love those two shades of nail varnish and that they’re a little different to the usual red around this time of year! I am so in love with your photos – they’re really lovely 💕 Can I ask how you get the glow on them that really makes them pop? ☺️ xx

    • December 21, 2016 / 9:35 pm

      I am loving it so much, hope you get it next year! They are super pretty as an alternative Christmas shade, I agree! 🎄 aw that is so lovely of you, thank you! I take all the photos with the white background outside, as I take my little white table out so I get the best lighting I can! Then just boost the brightness and maybe adjust the contrast or warmth when I edit – I hope that helps! 💖xxx

      • December 21, 2016 / 9:40 pm

        Oh wow that’s such a great idea to get the best natural lighting! I thought that maybe you used a lightbox but it’s so cool that it’s just good photography and some editing. Thank you so much for the tips, I’m still learning so it’s really nice to find out how other bloggers do it ☺️ 💜 xxx

  2. December 21, 2016 / 9:31 pm

    Aw the nail polishes are so pretty. I’ve been dying to try a gel polish (other than getting them done professionally at a salon) but I’m always nervous about the taking them off part lol The fact that its filled with biotin sounds great, i take biotin every day and i truly notice the difference! great products!

    xo, JJ

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