Lifestyle Changes: Getting Active


Over the last few months, I have become a bit of a couch potato. For quite a long time, I was exercising regularly and I felt great for it, but for a number of reasons, I stopped working out consistently like I used to. So now it’t time for a change!

One of my excuses is that I am not a big fan of the gym. I want to be! But I just find it intimidating, especially when it is busy. I think I went about 6 months without stepping a foot in the gym last year. Tut tut. Another excuse is that it is winter and I am hidden away under layers of clothes, who wants to get active when it is so cosy to stay in your dressing gown? I mean, I could list a whole number of excuses of why I hadn’t been exercising but really, I need to look after my body. I have more energy and feel happier when I get moving more so I have decided to change up my lifestyle to include proper exercise again.

I have been to a couple of Bodypump classes at the gym, which I have loved every time, so I am making the effort to go to one class a week. I am doing at-home workouts now too, as I feel a lot less self-conscious when I exercise from home.

I used to really love running, so I have decided to try running a couple of times a week now. I think the key for me, is to have small and manageable goals. If I say I’ll do 6 workouts per week and run 3 miles daily, it just won’t last! I want this to be a lifestyle change, so starting out gradually seems to make the most sense.

What are your thoughts on working out? Please let me know any tips to keep yourself motivated!



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