Chanel Perfume Dupe: Suddenly Woman 1

The scent of Chanel No 5 perfume is possibly the most iconic perfume ever – I can always tell when someone walks past wearing this scent! It retails at around £52 for just 35ml. I feel like so many people can recognize this fragrance, but what about a budget alternative?

As you know, I love finding dupes for luxury products! Affordable options are friendly on your purse and allow you to test a similar product before you splash out on the real thing. Today’s dupe is for the famous Chanel No 5 perfume – and it is from Lidl!

Lidl are becoming known for their amazing product dupes – I’m sure you’ve heard about that candle ( a Jo Malone dupe, so popular that they are making it part of the permanent product line apparently!) and they’ve got this one spot on.

The Suddenly Woman 1 perfume is so similar to the No 5 scent! Honestly, I can’t really tell the difference. As soon as you smell the Woman 1 scent, you get that familiar floral, warm scent of the Chanel. Of course, the longevity of the Lidl version probably isn’t quite the same, but for £3.99, you definitely can’t complain!



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