The Ultimate Nail Strengthener: Get Healthy, Long Natural Nails

opi nail strengthener reviewI have honestly found the ultimate nail strengthener! I have tried lots of different ones since I was about 15 – I suddenly decided I wanted strong, healthy nails I think. But of all the nail treatments I have tried, this one is by far my favourite. The OPI Nail Envy is my go-to, I love it. I even featured it in my Nail Care Routine post.

I love having long, manicured nails. About 2 years ago, I started using this properly when my nails were at their weakest, breaking off and peeling easily. I cut all my nails short for a fresh start and followed the instructions for the strengthener. As you can guess, within a month or so, my nails were better than ever!

After that, I just used this every now and again, or as a base coat under my nail varnish to protect my natural nails. Over the last 6 months, I stopped using it as my nails were doing so well, but recently I have noticed they are getting dry and weak again. Stopping using this shows that naturally, my nails are a bit rubbish really! This in itself proves just how effective this nail strengthener is. So, I have set myself a challenge to get my nails back into their best condition again – I have taken a before photo and am using this product, so I will be sharing the results in a month or so!

opi nail strengthener review

So, how do you use it? It is pretty simple really, you simply start with clean, dry nails. Apply two coats of the Nail envy and your done for the first day! For the next week, apply one more coat every other day to build up the strengthener. After the week is over, simply remove and start again.

I love how quickly this dries, it probably takes about 15 seconds to be mostly dry. It is 100% dry within about a minute! On the nail it gives a sheen to your nails, making them look glossy and healthy.

Depending on where you buy it, this can be really expensive but I usually buy mine from amazon, where it is often on offer for around £10. At normal retail price, it will set you back just under £20. The bottle lasts months though, and it is definitely worth investing in healthy nails! You can buy it here from Amazon.


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