Starting a new side project: Find your motivation

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Life tends to follow a routine, so I love having mini projects going to mix things up. There are lot of things that are certain in life – most of us go to school, some go to uni, then most go on to a job. Having a focus outside of these certainties that you are in complete control of adds a bit of fun!

My blog has been my favourite project yet. I started in September last year and I am still here on MarbleBeauty every single day, whether that is posting new content or chatting to readers in the comments! I didn’t have anyone to ask how to do things so I’ve taught myself and learnt so much in the process. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of any blog, from admin to taking photos. Starting my blog allowed me to get a job I absolutely love and I am proud of myself for growing it and continuing to enjoy it! It does take up most of my free time because I post pretty frequently, but I enjoy it so much.

You definitely don’t have to start a blog as your project! You could do whatever you like. I’ve always been a creative person, I studied art last year and so after I finished my course, I feel like my blog naturally filled the gap of being creative. One of my other favourite mini-projects that I set myself are making needle-felted models. One day I’d love to make some to sell as I find them so relaxing to make while I watch TV or listen to music. The key is just to find things you enjoy really. It means you’ll never be bored – you always have something to work on.

My tip would be to track it somehow, whether that is making a note on you phone, or (my favourite) buy a fresh notebook and write down how you get on with it. Don’t set yourself anything too dramatic, like building a house from scratch (that would definitely be a big project!), start small and work your way up. The nice thing about setting yourself a project is that you are in the dirivng seat – set yourself deadlines or just see how it goes. Make sure you finish it though, whether that is reading a book or running a marathon. You can’t get the satisfaction in you don’t finish it!

I’ve shared a few project ideas, that I’ve either done, would like to do or just popped into my head!

Side Project Ideas.

  • Learn to play an instument (I have learning the piano on my list!)
  • Run a 5k/marathon – whatever you want to set yourself!
  • Read a book you’ve always wanted to read
  • Start a blog
  • Learn to knit/sew/needle felt/cross stitch
  • Buy a camera and build yourself a mini-photography portfolio
  • Take up a new exercise (I want to try trampolining!)
  • Visit 5 new cites
  • Cook your way through a recipe book (watch Julie & Julia if you like the sound of this one!)
  • Learn a language
  • Teach yourself Photoshop (looks good on a CV)

Those are just a couple of starter ideas. If you have any side projects or ideas, please leave them in the comments so I can add them to my list and we can inspire each other!



  1. June 12, 2017 / 9:41 am

    I really liked reading this blog post! Starting a blog is one of the best decisions I’ve made πŸ™‚ and it became such an amazing hobby

    • marblebeauty
      June 12, 2017 / 5:36 pm

      So pleased you enjoyed it😚 it’s lots of fun isn’t it, found such a kind, want community! X

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