Free Things To Do This Summer!

free things to do in summer

August is here already, but the summer won’t be over until September! I’ve put together a little guide of free things to do over the rest of the summer. I know a portion of my readers are students so hopefully this will be helpful for you, and to anyone who is on more of a budget!

Disclaimer – some of these ideas will require travel, so I haven’t included the cost of petrol, but the activities themselves are all free!

Wild camping

Save your pennies on expensive campsites and try out wild camping! This is on my list of things to do. Be sure you are camping in the right place, lots of areas of Dartmoor actually encourage wild camping, as long as you are discreet and away from everything else. Take care in planning when wild camping, you need to ensure you have all the essentials. Don’t go alone though, sleeping alone in the wild could be spooky!

There is a website called Pitchup, which a brilliant resource for finding wild camping spots to visit.

Outdoor Swimming

Wild swimming is gaining more and more popularity! A quick search will give you lots of rivers, lakes and secret beaches to visit for a dip. Want something more pool-like? Try an outdoor pool or lido! There are lots of man-made pools around the UK that are free. Just choose a sunny day, pack a towel and head off. My favourites are the Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe and Marine Lake in North Somerset. I have a book called the Wild Guide with lots of amazing places to swim, from secret streams to rope swings into rivers!

Go to the beach in England

It sounds like a silly one, but anyone can head to the beach for the day! It is free, and if you catch the UK on a hot day, it will be the same temperature as a lot of our favourite holiday destinations abroad! Take towels and a windbreak if you have one, and you’ll be set up for the day. Cornwall is my favourite place for UK beaches, along with Devon. Wherever you are in the UK, there is usually a beach within a couple of hours away. Praa Sands in Cornwall is one of my favourites, along with Beer in Devon, as it feels lovely and British, complete with deckchairs! A little road trip will be worth it as you get to spend the day lazing on the beach.


Cycling is one of those sports I only tend to do in the summer! When the weather is warm, it doesn’t feel like exercise. There are lots of cycle routes all over the UK now. Just make sure you know what to do if the chain comes off your bike – this happened to me once and I had to ask a farmer to help me fix it! I love my bike, I have a beach-cruiser style bike with right handles and a low seat, so it is super comfy (get a sprung saddle for the comfiest bike ride ever!). Again, a quick internet search will help you find the best routes near you. Often they loop back, with somewhere scenic in the middle.

Volunteer at a festival

I haven’t done this one myself, but I know people who have and absolutely loved it! Festicals often have large lists of applicants to volunteer there, but get on the lists early apply for plenty and you’ll hopefully get a place. It means you won’t have to pay, but you’ll be right there enjoying all the festival fun. It doesn’t have to be Glastonbury (as amazing as that would be!), there are lots of smaller festivals that need volunteers too

Outdoor show

This is something I’ve been seeing more and more in cities. Bristol for example, has a huge TV screen in Millennium Square. They play films, or even sporting events, like Wimbledon, with deckchairs for people to watch! City centers are usually the best places to find these free outdoor showings. You can bring your own chairs, or just find a seat on the floor with a picnic rug. Choose a sunny day for one of these though, you wouldn’t want to be sitting out in the rain!



  1. luxblush
    August 9, 2017 / 3:17 pm

    There are so many amazing ideas here! Outdoor swimming sounds great, we just have to hope the weather stays nice haha xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • marblebeauty
      August 9, 2017 / 4:08 pm

      Thanks hannah! Just thought it would be helpful, especially for anyone trying to save ☺️ definitely haha, and it hasn’t been the best so far! Xx

  2. August 10, 2017 / 3:36 am

    I’ve always wanted to go volunteer for a festival, I think it could be super fun! I gotta see what events are happening around me soon that takes volunteers! xxx

    Melina |

    • marblebeauty
      August 12, 2017 / 4:32 pm

      Ooh yeah definitely have a look! It sounds like it would be so much fund xx

    • marblebeauty
      August 12, 2017 / 4:32 pm

      How perfect! There are so many beautiful UK beaches. I live by the beach too, but a very pebbly one! Xx

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