5 Friday Favourites: August

I love sharing my favourite things with you all, so I’ve put this post together as a little collection. I asked on Twitter if a post that shares a product to try, a recipe to follow, book to read etc., would be something you’d like to read. So many people loved the idea! So here we are, a week later, with my current favourites.

A Book To Read

I have to talk about this book. I have loved the Do Book series for a few months now. I dip into the ‘Do Breathe’ book at least once a week (reviewed here), and the ‘Do Fly’ book inspired me so much (reviewed here too). I treat myself to a new book from the series every now and again. The latest one I bought was ‘Do Open’, which is all about email marketing.

I couldn’t resist, as it links to both my blog and my day job. If you didn’t know, I work in digital marketing, so email marketing ties these both together nicely. The book is all about telling the sort of your brand through email newsletters. I know it might not sound the most riveting, but it’s actually hard to put down. You’ll finish it wanting to start a newsletter for your blog! I know I do.

These books are so accessible, you can read them in an evening, and then keep them as reference. Full of ideas, I just found it really motivating. I knew about a lot of the techniques already, but it is great to refresh your memory. If you have a blog or your own business, this is worth the read.

A Recipe To Follow

So, who doesn’t love katsu curry? I usually eat it when I go to Wagamammas and Yo Sushi (two other favourites, incidentally, but that goes without saying!). I set about finding my own recipe so I can eat it anytime! I found two recipes that I loved, so combined them both. The video from Haste’s kitchen is the curry recipe I based mine on, but I am vegetarian. So, I headed to my favourite veggie/vegan place, Avant-Garde Vegan to see his take on it! I used butternut squash as the ‘chicken’ in panko breadcrumbs which was soooo good.

I don’t tend to follow recipes precisely, and changed things up a little bit to get the perfect katsu taste for me! But either of these recipes are great to follow. I also used the leftover sauce with just plain white rice and Quorn chicken-style pieces which was a really quick and tasty meal too.

A Beauty Product To Try

I didn’t have to think long to know which product to pick for this category. The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation has been my daily choice since I got it really. I have a full review of the foundation on my blog already if you’d like to read a more in-depth review, but I’ll summarise it now. This is a very fluid foundation that needs to be shaken before use. The foundation is highly pigmented, but its very liquid form means it feels so very light on the skin. Honestly, you won’t notice you are wearing this.

So good coverage due to amazing pigmentation, but a sheer, light texture. Sounds good already right? The colours make this foundation even better. The range actually caters for most skin tones, with different undertones. I have the shade 1.2Y which is similar to a MAC NC20 shade. At less than £6, I think this should be in everybody’s makeup collection.

A Blogger To Follow

This month I have been loving MakeupSavvy.co.uk. Fee, the girl behind the blog, created the most amazing posts. I have been reading her blog for about 4 years now! I have a look each week to read the new posts. You’ll never be short of content on Makeup Savvy! I love the new post about upping your flat lay game in 3 simple steps, and her famous eBay bargains posts are my favourite. I’m so looking forward to Fee’s autumn and winter content, it always makes me feel cosy and seasonal. Make sure you head over and have a look at her beautiful website!

A Quote To Remember

I read a quote this month that really stuck with me. I’m not sure who it is by as I saw it on Pinterest so I can’t credit it properly!

“You’re so wonderful to think of, but so hard to live without.”

I’ve lost two family members recently, so this has stayed at the front of my mind really. It hasn’t been very easy. Grief can be so hard to deal with. When I read the quote, it very simply summed up how loss can feel. Life isn’t quite the same, but how wonderful to have lovely memories to remember. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how short life can be. Even 80 years might not be enough time. Always be kind and spend as much time with your loved ones as you can.

What have your favourite things recently?



    • marblebeauty
      September 1, 2017 / 11:04 am

      Thank you Frances! The whole series is brilliant, I think you’ll love it xxx

    • marblebeauty
      September 1, 2017 / 2:36 pm

      Both the skincare and foundations are so good! Highly recommend ☺️

    • marblebeauty
      September 3, 2017 / 9:36 am

      Aw thank you Nicole! It’s really brilliant isn’t it – I’m so happy to have discovered it x

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