24K Gold Skincare – Bio Essence Review

I didn’t even know you could get gold in skincare, but Bio-Essence has taken the UK by a storm and sparked an interest in many. I was really kindly sent some of their skincare range to try out, so today I thought I’d chat through my first impressions on the products.

A little more about Bio-Essence – the brand is new to the UK and you can buy the products in Superdrug. With a reasonable price point but a luxury feel to them, I was excited to recieve the package! The idea behind the range is that all the products contain 24k Bio-Gold which fights against free radicals and works for anti-ageing! As time goes on, I am becoming much more aware of using anti-ageing products. It makes perfect sense to incoporate a couple of youth-enhancing products into a skincare routine as a preventative to ageing, rather than a cure.

Skin Radiance Night Cleanser.

Retailing at £12.99, the Night Cleanser removes daily pollutants, cleansing the skin gently, but still clearing pores and nourishing the skin. I’ve tried this already, and initial impressions are so good.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I love a good cleanser. The right one can make such a difference to the condition of your skin, so trying new ones always interests me.

The Night Cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean, but not stripped, retaining the moisture in your skin. As a dry skinned gal, this is ideal for me. I love the bottle of this, so you get just the right amount of product. Despite being a night cleanser, you could of course, use this one any time of day!

Skin Awakening Day Cleanser.

At half the price of the night version, you’ll find the Day Cleanser. At £6.99, this one lathers into your skin to reveal soft, clean skin! Slightly lighter than the night version, it leaves your skin feeling comfortable afterwards, rather than ‘squeaky’ clean and dry.

I haven’t had a chance to test this properly yet, so a full review will follow! The only downside of this product for me is the scent – it smells a little bit soapy for me. However, scent is very subjective, so this probably wouldn’t bother many people – I just thought I ought to mention is.

Bio-Gold Night Cream.

I’ve saved the best until the end. The Night Cream has been the stand out product for me so far. At £23.99, the price point is slightly higher. However, the price is justified, as this little gem is the stand-out product for me!

With 24K pieces actually in the formula, the Night Cream is hydrating without feeling heavy or too thick. It recharges skin, restoring radiance and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. My favourite way to use this cream is paired with a hyaluronic acid serum for added hydration. This combination ensures waking up with refreshed, supple skin! I am so pleased I tried this cream, it is a happy addition to my evening skincare routine!

What are your favourite cleansers?



    • marblebeauty
      September 19, 2017 / 3:32 pm

      It seems to be a brilliant range – the night cream leaves my skin feeling so smooth and healthy! Xx

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