Staycation Trip: Postcards From Dartmouth

dartmouth staycation seagull

I’ve recently come home from a week away in Devon, a lovely staycation here in the UK. We stayed in Dartmouth, which is a fishing town along the side of the River Dart!I’ve followed my ‘Postcards From…’ series and put together a few favourite photos of the trip.

I love Autumn. It really is my favourite season, so it was amazing to be away in the transition between summer and autumn, noticing the crisp, cool air each morning, paired with bright sunlight! We found conkers, wore warm coats and ate hot pasties. It is late September now, so leaves are starting to colour and drop, with that scent in the air that autumn really is on it’s way.

dartmouth pink house white windows

I love going on holiday in the UK. It feels like everything slows down, especially near to the coast. Very different from the city I work in each day.

Slow living is something I want to embrace even more. Enjoying the simple things without rushing! My lovely friend Milena has actually just launched a new blog, all about living slowly called Blushing Lately! You’ll feel yourself relaxing as you read.

dartmouth staycation

Taking a ferry over to Totnes, another harbor town, was another highlight. It took around 2 hours, so it forced you to slow down, relax, and take in the view. I loved it! Everyone had pies for lunch, then headed back to the river to cruise back. At around six in the evening, the light was perfect, lighting up the landscape with an orange glow.

If you get the chance to travel in a different way to usual, just go for it. Being out on the boat took much longer than driving would have, but we saw kingfishers and seals. Sitting out in the fresh air made it worth the longer journey.

devon cliff sea

Whenever I take a trip away, I’m reminded of how important it is to take time out to relax. I barely looked at a screen all week, which was probably a relief for my eyes! As a digital marketer, writing 4 blog posts every week, it does feel like I spend too much time in front of laptops.

Small trips away break up time. They give you a chance to have fun and just regroup before going back to the business of everyday life! You don’t have to go to an island in Bali, or on a 2 week cruise to relax. It can just mean taking some time to visit somewhere new, without time constraints.

boat beach devon holiday

I live in a small town by the sea anyway, so it always feels homely to visit somewhere near the coast. You can’t beat a delicious pub meal in an evening here in the UK!

We visited Salcombe one of the days, and my boyfriend and I couldn’t resist sneaking off to treat ourselves to some snacks. A Devon pasty, a tub of green olives stuffed with feta cheese and some ice-creams. We were on holiday after all! I love talking about buying a sailing boat to explore the coasts here. Its one of those nice ideas that isn’t likely to happen, but lovely to imagine anyway.

staycation postcards from dartmouth

I only wrote one blog post whilst I was away, so I feel a little bit lost coming back to it all! I never want my blog to feel like a chore, so I took some time off. I’ve been blogging for a whole year now, and I still can’t believe I have over 20,000 views here on Marble Beauty. Thank you to everyone who sticks around to read my ramblings!

Have you got a favourite place to visit when you need to relax and take time out?


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