Halloween: 5 Films To Watch Tonight

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Happy Halloween! I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of October already, time is flying at the moment. Personally, I’ve never gone too crazy for Halloween – I can remember feeling terrified when trick or treaters rang the doorbell as a child!  Despite this, it is all part of the autumnal season, so I like to enjoy it in my own way. For me, this is a cosy night in with a fire and a good film to watch. I’ve picked out a few good films to watch this evening if you don’t already have spooky plans!

Silence of the Lambs

This is a real classic! I thought I would be frightened of this film, but watched it for the first time recently anyway. TO my own suprise, I acutally loved the film. It is such a great story line, with fantastic acting. To summarise it very briefly, detectives use the knowledge of a psychologist/cannibal who is behind bars, to help them find another criminal. I won’t say too much more! It is gory in a couple of parts, but more of a psychological horror than a spooky one. This is a lot of people’s favourite film, and after watching it, I think it has become a favourite of mine too.


Again, a psychological thriller rather than scary horror, Split is worth a watch. Its something different, so it held my attention throughout. The plot revolves around a kidnapper character with multiple personality disorder, with over 20 different personalities. You can never tell which personality will be in play at any time, so it keeps you feeling tense. James McAvoy acts brilliantly in this – you forget it is only one actor playing so many personalities!

Hocus Pocus

A change in theme, this Disney film is a bit of a 90’s classic. A fantasty horror, all about three witches who are resurrected on Halloween, taken on by two teenagers and an immortal cat. If you’ve seen this before, you’ll know its almost comforting to watch when you know the story line. A great film to choose if you want to watch something that isn’t too scary, but is most definitely Halloween themed.

The Woman In Black

I had to include this one. As a bit of a scaredy-cat, this is a proper horror film to me. The whole story gives my goosebumps, and I slept with a light on for a year after I watched the original film! I found it terrifying to know that there were no special effects – everything I saw was real. Whether you choose the old film or the newer film with Daniel Radcliffe, both are equally scary for different reasons! Probably not one to watch on your own.

The Adams Family

I used to watch this film every year growing up! The famous story is all about a spooky, funny family and their long lost brother, and how they try to manage every day life whilst being so un-normal. You can’t watch it without smiling, and good one to watch with family as no-one should feel too scared. You’ll definitely recognise the theme tune either way!


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