The Importance Of Me-Time & Self Care

Happy Sunday! My favourite day of the week. I thought I’d just have a bit of a chat today. Chatty posts don’t always get as many views – I know a lot of people read my blog purely for the beauty content! That’s absolutely fine because I adore writing about the latest releases, sharing makeup dupes and the best high street beauty finds. 

Today though, I’m have a ramble all about the importance of taking time to yourself and having some ‘me-time’. It sounds slightly cringy I know, but being able to spend time in your own company and enjoy it is super important.

I spend a lot of time with just myself. I commute about 2 hours each way, with an hour lunch break on my own too. I know that sounds a bit sad, but I actually enjoy that time alone. With our whole lives being on the internet now, it’s a skill to be able to enjoy your own company! I think it’s easy to feel like you should contstantly be around other humans. Even when we are alone these days, we are scrolling though social media to watch everyone else’s day. 

Being alone lets you think. Or not think. Or both. Whatever you choose to do! 

Take the time to listen to a podcast (the SheerLuxe highlights podcasts are my current favourites), go for a walk or read your book (highly recommend the ‘Do’ series!). Have a bubble bath with a Lush bath bomb. Learn to braid your hair, listen to music or just sit and think. Plan your outfit for tomorrow, organise your makeup. 

Sometimes when I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is make the effort to go and cleanse my skin, light a candle and read my book. In all honesty, lying watching TV wrapped in my duvet all night sounds better! But apart from days when this kind of extreme chilling out is needed, I try to have a self-care routine, doing the things that I know will make me feel better. 

Have you ever got out of a hot, candle-lit bubble bath and felt worse?? The answer should be no. (If you answered yes, you must have the wrong shaped bath or have forgotten to add bubbles, because a good bubble bath helps solve many problems. I feel quite confident about this).

The way each person has time alone is different too. Some of us might go for a 20 mile bike ride (when I say “us”, I don’t mean myself lol), whilst me-time for others means settling down with a hot chocolate and a fresh page of a notebook to do some planning. 

I know life is super busy, but whether you can find either a day each week/month or an hour each day, treat yourself to some time to alone, with your thoughts. I promise you’ll come back feeling better! 

What are your favourite ways to relax and wind down?


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