Quotes To Shape The Way You Think

I love a good quote. Words have a powerful way of shaping the way you think! I’ve put together a few of my all-time favourite phrases to remember when you need a little boost or positive thinking.

“This too shall pass”

If I had to pick one phrase that genuinly helps me almost every day, it would be this one. No matter how difficult or unenjoyable a time in your life is, whether that is a driving test, a bad day at work or a bad mental health stage, it will end eventually. A good example is to think of a really long car journey. It doesn’t matter how bored you might feel, it will come to an end! You’ll get out of the car, and carry on with your day.

If I know I have something I’m not looking forward to, I always think to myself “By tomorrow night, I’ll have done (insert daunting task here) and can have a bubble bath and some chocolate”. Visualising a time when the worrying task is over will instantly make me feel better.

“Ships in harbour are safe, but that’s not what ships were built for”

My mum taught me this quote so many years ago, and it has always stayed in the back of my mind. When your first instinct is to say no to a new situation/job/trip etc., think of this phrase. Yes, things are lovely, simple & worry-free when you stay within your comfort zone…but that’s not what you were made for! I am completely a creature of habit, and a homely person too, so I need to push myself to do things that scare me. Whether that is learning to drive or saying yes to flights abroad, just say yes and do it, because jumping out of your comfort zone will lead to the most rewarding feelings ever.

“Kid, you’ll move mountains”

If you are a similar age to me and read Dr Seuss books when you were younger, then you might remember this one. It is from the book ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ which incidently, is one of the most inspiring, motivating books you’ll ever read, in the form of a children’s book.

It’s like the voice of reason saying ‘why shouldn’t you accomplish great things?’ I love this one, it makes my happy when I heard it. Everyone has the chance to move mountains, whether that is in a small way or changing the world. I actually have a print of this quote up in my room, and it honestly makes me feel like I’ll achieve something great that day.

“It’s the little things in life”

As a girl who thinks the best thing in the world is a box of After 8’s and will spend the rest of the day happy after seeing a cute dog, this is definiely a quote that I live by. I always try to appreciate and see the best in the smaller things in life, whether that is a note left for you, a message checking in on you from a friend or your boyfriend leaving you a note when he leaves for work. Small gestures mean more than large ones sometimes.

My favourite ‘little things in life’ are bright & frosty mornings, an open fire, my favourite song playing on the radio. It might be wearing a new lipstick, or getting a compliment from a stranger, or a kind blog comment. The cakes you’ve baked that happened to come out perfectly, or a happy day spent with your grandparents.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”

I have always been a bit of a worrier. As I’ve gotten older, it has got much better! When it comes to worrying, choose your battles. Realising that you do have control over what you spend your time thinking about will help. Breaking the habit is the trick. If you feel like your about to start worrying over little things, distract yourself with a good song or go for a walk. Soon, not ‘sweating the small stuff’ should become second nature.

There are lots of small things that you should try not to spend time worrying about. This includes what your hair looks like, what other people think of you, whether you made a fool of yourself in that meeting last week. Try not to worry about being single, or that fact that the trousers everyone is buying at the moment really don’t suit you. If you’d like a post on how I learn to stop worrying about the little things so much, just let me know.

Have you heard any of these quotes before? Let me know the quotes that have shaped your life.


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