How to get naturally fuller lips

natural ways for plumper lipsThere’s nothing wrong with having thinner lips at all, but sometimes I like to have a few tricks up my sleeve for when I like my lips to look a little more full. Not all solutions involve fillers, these temporary fixes all work for a natural way to achieve plumper lips. And do not involve anything like the Kylie Lip challenge. Thank goodness that craze seems to have died out!

Get yourself a good lip liner

This one takes a bit of practice, but overlining your lips ever-so-slightly will enhance the shape, making them look much plumper. Be careful not to go overboard here, as it might start to look over the top. The easiest way to get this right is to follow the natural line of your lips and literally go an extar millimetre or so over the edge, evenly all the way around. Any more than this, and it will become obvious.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a good liner! Rimmel and Kiko make my favourites from the highstreet. I also do recomend the MAC liners. The best colour for me is ‘Stripdown‘ which is a slightly brown-toned nude. The trick is to buy a ‘your lips but better colour’ – so go for a shade that either matches your natural lip colour, or slightly darker for a bit of extra definition. This way, you can apply the liner without needing a lipstick to blend it in.

 Try a lip plumper

When it comes to lip plumpers, they tend to be a bit or ‘marmite’ product. I know the tingling feeling is a little too much for some people – but I LOVE it! There is something slightly addictive about the tingle they give, and they do give the appearance of fuller lips.

I have two favourites when it comes to plumpers. The Soap & Glory Mother Pucker glosses are fab, and come in pretty shades too. They can be slightly sticky but the amazing tingle makes up for this! I love the colour ‘Rose & Shine’. My top pick for its plumping qualities combined with being moisturising has to be the ‘No Thin Lips’ plumper* from Know Cosmetics. Its like wearing a lip balm, paired with that addictuve tingling feeling. SO satisfying to feel it working!


no thin lips lip plumper



If your lips are dry and cracked, it will make them look even smaller than they actually are. While using lip balm (Nuxe Reve de Miel is my favourite) will help, sometimes you need to remove any dead skin cells to reveal healthy, plump limps underneath!

Lush make their famous sugar scrubs, that you apply and are safe to just lick away. The Mint Julips is my favourite scent. But the simplest, most affordable way is to either buy a soft toothbrush (be sure to keep this seperatly to use only for lip scrubbing!) or a facecloth / flannel and gently brush over your lips while they are damp. You won’t need to do this often, but it will help your lips to feel softer and fuller.

So those are a couple of tips that should help with fuller lips. Have you tried any of these?

Your Fuller Lips Kit


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