12 Things Every Girl Should Know

12 things every girl should know

I read the amazing Hannah Gale’s post on the ‘17 things we should all remember at all times‘ and was completely inspired to right up my own list of things a girl should know. Whether it is how to fix a car or how to take a compliment, we should all help each other with tips and tricks for navigating life. So, here are 12 things I think every girl should know…

1. You don’t need to follow the crowd.

In other words, if everyone is wearing boots, don’t be afraid to be the one wearing trainers. Or if I put myself in this example, if everyone else your age is going out drinking on nights out, don’t worry if you are happiest having a cosy night at home working on your blog! I think this one is much easier as you are older – the ‘crowd’ becomes much more disperesed over jobs, location and being busy with other aspects of life. But when you are at school/college/uni, it is easy to feel disspointed in yourself if you don’t follow the status quo. But really, it is ok if you are a little different to everyone else.

2. Watch sad films to have a good cry.

I’m a strong believer that having a sob when you feel sad can make you feel so much better afterwards! Like a weight has been lifted, even if the actual problem hasn’t been solved yet. Good films for this are Marley & Me, My Sister’s Keeper, The Notebook – you know the sort of film I mean!

3. It’s fine to go places alone!

Be happier in your own company. Sitting in a coffee shop by yourself is actually quite a nice treat, even if you feel like people will be wondering why you are alone! Lot’s of people find it hard to actually be alone – but being comfortable alone is a skill that will prove so useful. Take yourself to a resturaunt and order food and read a book – I promise the thought of it is worse than actually doing it!

4. What to do if your car breaks down.

This is one of my New Year’s resolutions – learn how to fix my car. Perhaps it is just me, but I definitely rely on garages, my dad or boyfriend for car advice far too much. A girl should know how to do it to! Maybe make a note on your phone, or get someone to give you a lesson on what to do if you break down. Make sure you have the number of your car insurance and break down cover in your phone and written down in a note in your glove box perhaps. This way, you’ll be prepared for the worst.

5. Do what makes you happiest.

Know that it is ok to do what makes you happy! For me, that is time spent with my family, working on my blog and nice day trips out. For someone else, it might be cooking, running and going on rollercoasters. Whatever makes you happiest – be sure to set aside time for these activities. Life can be so busy, but it will be more enjoyable if you are doing the things you love.

6. How to choose the right colour foundation.

This one is for any girl who wears makeup – make sure you are matched to the right colour! It’s better not to rely on store counters to teach you which shade you are, as not all brands have a matching service. Know your undertone, this is the tone of your skin. You can categorize skintones into cool (pink-red toned skin) , warm (yellow, olive or peachy toned skin), or neutral. Once you’ve worked this out, you can pick the right foundation shade. When trying shades, blend a little of the colour onto your chest. If the colour blends away, you’ve found your match! Findation.com is handy for buying foundation online. Remember that you might need a darker/lighter shade depending on the time of year.

7. Not everyone you meet will stay in your life forever.

Again, this one becomes more apparent the older you get! I’ve realised that not all the people who are part of your life will be forever, but that is ok. You might have girl friends in school who you don’t keep in touch with, but you’ll remember them as part of a fun experience at school. Boyfriends who you part with will always have been a part of your life for a while. Same with colleagues who you work with and then part ways. Don’t pressure yourself to keep in touch with everybody – there are just too many people for that!

8. How to take a compliment.

When someone tells you that you like nice that day, its really easy to say ‘Oh no, I really don’t!’. Putting yourself down is much easier, because it can be seen as arrogant if you accept graciously, and a lot of the time, you genuinely might not feel that you looked nice that day. But learning to say ‘Ooh thank you so much!’ rather than disagreeing is much better for your confidence. I’m working on this one myself!

9. ‘This Too Shall Pass’

I talked about this phrase in my ‘Quotes to shape the way you think‘ blog post, because it helps me so much. No matter how terrible your situation feels, it will end. Whether that is a physical situation, like an exam or an argument with someone, or a mental headspace, like a period of anxiety or a bout of despression. Try to remember that it will pass, you just have to ride it out until then!

10. You don’t need makeup, even if it feels like you do.

Every girl’s relationship with makeup is very different, whether it is just a fun way to change the way they look, or a security blanket that helps in leaving the house. I know that I depend on makeup more than I should to feel confident. I spent a week without makeup this summer and chatted about my experience. Once you break the cycle with wearing makeup daily, it actually feels quite good not to wear any. I love being able to rub my eyes without worrying about smudging my mascara! Really though, you just don’t need it – try to use makeup as a way to change how you look without relying on it.

11. Check your boobs regularly.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK – so it doesn’t do any harm to check yourself regularly! Sounds like a funny tip really but it could save your life. Don’t start to worry about it too much, but it is something to keep in mind, so that you can notice any changes to tell your doctor about. Here’s a guide from Breast Cancer Care on what to look out for! Looking after your health is super important.

12. Start a creative side project

I wrote about having a creative project and how much it can improve your happiness a while ago. I still stand by this! For me, that is my blog. I love coming home to work on my little internet space. I’ve learnt to take photos, use a camera, found my writing style and already worked with some amazing brands. More examples of good creative project could be watching and reviewing films, an Instagram account that you put lots of time into. Whatever you love! Having a side project means you have a focus for your concenration outside of work or school.

Any tips you’d add to this list?



  1. Heidi
    December 17, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    So many good things here! I just watched Collateral Beauty yesterday and the ending made me just ugly cry. Sometimes it’s just relaxing to let that out. And going out alone, yes please! There is just something so exciting to go watch a movie alone, eat… etc. I actually visited Hollywood alone and it was amazing! Young girl from Finland in a big city!

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

    • marblebeauty
      December 17, 2017 / 1:20 pm

      I’ve never seen that one – I’ll add it to my list of films to watch! Completely agree – I feel much more confident since I started doing more things by myself. Wow that’s amazing – I bet you had the best time. I’d love to visit! Xx

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