An Ode To Winter: How To Enjoy The Season After Christmas


Through 2017, I made an effort to enjoy each and every season. As a girl who really loves Christmas, Winter is my favourite season. However, this means that come January, I feel a little bit lost. The decorations are gone, the excitement has faded, and it can feel like all we are left with is cold, grey, long days.

This year, I am continuing my quest to make the most of every month. I want to talk about ways to enjoy Winter after Christmas, avoiding the blues as much as you can. Early January can be easier. New Year’s Day bring a fresh wave of motivation for lots of us. I wonder how many bullet journals or resolutions are being worked on right now! But mid-January means midwinter, so here are some ways to find joy in the season.

Embrace the cold

For me, the thought of a cold day is actually a nice one. If you are a fan of heat and warmth, I think the trick is to change the way you think about the chilly season. Use it as an excuse to buy a pair of luxury slippers. I just bought the most amazing pair of White Company grey cosy boots that I get so excited to wear around the house. So cosy.

Wrap up warm, in duffel coats and thick, cosy scarves. Treat yourself to a soft, warm throw to keep you cosy while you snuggle up on the sofa. Eat warming foods like soup, and plenty of roast dinners. Find the cosiness in the cold, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying Winter. Plenty of hot chocolate is essential.

Winter foods

It makes sense to eat in tune with the season. Set yourself a goal to eat as much seasonal fruit and vegetables as you can. When it comes to Winter in the UK, choose butternut squash, brussel sprouts, parsnips, onions, carrots and celery. Think squash soup, brussel sprouts with bacon and adding as many of these to your Sunday lunch as you can. For fruits, look out for clementines, grapefruits, pears and lemons. Drink hot lemon and honey, and snack on clementines.

If you enjoy cooking, take a trip to a bookshop and have a browse through the recipe books. Quite a few will be organised by season, which should giv eyou plenty of inspiration about what to cook.

Start something new

In the summer, spare time is often spent in pub gardens, on beaches and in the sun. Come Winter though, all those activities dissolve away, meaning you might have more spare time on your hands. Its as good an opportunity as any to try something new, a skill or a hobby. This Winter, I am trying out modern calligraphy! Proper, pen-and-ink calligraphy. I’ve always been a creative person and I haven’t drawn in a long time. This seemed like the perfect, Sunday-afternoon hobby to try out.

You could try working your way through a recipe book, or start working out from home. Try baking, blogging, sewing, candle-making – whatever takes your fancy.

Enjoy the slower moments

In the build up to Christmas, everything seems rushed. Happy and joyful of course, but rushed too! Everyone is eager to do their Christmas shopping, visit friends and family, eat lots of food and more. Once it is all over, there is a feeling of peace. The pace slows back down, so if you can go along with it, try living at a slightly slower pace. Wake up a little bit earlier to have a hot drink before the day starts, or sit quietly with a book for a while.

Get outside

As much as you possibly can. Being outdoors often instantly spark some happiness if you are feeling blue. Wear some trainers, layer up with a bobble hat and head outside. My favourite thing to do is go on a proper walk, maybe somewhere new, or maybe through a familiar route or forest. I always take my phone or camera with me, so I can take pictures of frosted leaves, beaded spider webs or other seasonal sights. It often leaves me feeling inspired to write a blog post.

The other plus side about getting outdoors is that you can return home again afterwards, to the warmth and cosiness. A perfect time to light a log burner or open fire, settle down and watch a good film or read a book. This sort of Sunday-style activity always calls for a black and white film.

How will you be enjoying Winter now that Christmas and New Year are over?


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