My Week In Photos

My week in photos

Happy Sunday! I’ve written quite a few beauty posts this week, so I thought today I’d share my week outside of the blog through my camera roll. One of my goals for this year is to take more photos and get them printed!

The week did not start well. I had meal-prepped for the week, tidied my room and sorted my bullet journal, ready for my first full week back at work after Christmas. Got in my car to find that the battery was flat. Ran to the bus stop, caught the bus to work. Left work early, and travelled half an hour to find a car battery which cost me a small fortune due to the type of battery my car needs. So not the Monday I had planned but still, on we go!

My boyfriend took time to Nando’s for a midweek treat. As a non-meat eater, I’d always assumed Nando’s veggie options would be super spicy but this Mediterranean salad was so delicious. Feta cheese, tomatoes, crisp salad leaves, cucumbers and big juicy olives. Yum. With chips on the side, it was more than enough for me! I love going out for food, it’s one of those things that makes me super happy. Also, we visit Wagamama’s a lot, so it’s nice to have new chain restaurants to try!

This week I discovered this £4 dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. Such a bargain! I bought it from Superdrug, but I think they are already sold out so it sounds like people have really caught on to the dupe trend. I reviewed it in this blog post and I’ve been wearing it ever since. Full coverage, long lasting yet not heavy on the skin – not much to complain about there! I only wish I had found a slightly more yellow shade – I am so used to the bright, light shade of the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer that I use. Still, at £4 I can justify having a few shades, and might even try a darker shade for contouring.

Coat shopping with my boyfriend. He ended up buying this one! Does anyone else get someone to take a photo so you can see what your clothes look like from the back? I also took a trip to Primark – oops! I bought some amazing, affordable gym clothes because I’ve finally managed to get back into running! So it felt right to treat myself some new workout clothes. Doesn’t mean I didn’t accidentally buy a summer dress and two pairs of nude/pink heels though! I’m now putting myself on a spending ban until February. Definitely needed after the car situation.

I started a new journal this month, ready for 2018. I’ve been bullet journaling for about 2 years now and it helps me so much with my organisation! As a creative person, I find it such a nice way to calmly plan my week, designing each weekly spread. I’ve also started a new page for each month – a daily gratitude list. So each day, I’ll make a note of something I feel grateful for. Whether that is a delicious lunch, a joke that made me laugh, a rewarding run or just good company. I think it will be lovely to look back at the end of each month and look at what I enjoyed.

With so many frosty mornings, I’m enjoying taking more pictures. This photo was taken in the garden – I’ve been loving the portrait mode on my phone. I’m thinking another writing up a full review of the new iPhone camera as I’ve barely used my DSLR camera since I got it. And that’s coming from someone who used a ‘big’ camera for every blog photo. Hopefully it’ll be helpful for anyone deciding on whether to go for the iPhone. I’ve been blogging just from my phone all week, using the WordPress app to type my posts on the bus. Working full time means I have to squeeze in blog work when I can!

Finally, I have been testing some amazing new skincare products. I was so kindly bought the M&S advent calendar for Christmas (thank you Jo if you are reading!!) and so I have lots of lovely new products to try. I was so impressed with the range of beauty picks in the box, especially skincare items which are my favourite to try. Here are a few of the ones I’ve been testing currently, so expect a blog post very soon with some of my favourites.

How was your week?


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