Seasonal edit: January

Something to read: The Almanac, A Seasonal Guide To 2018

If like me, you love each of the different seasons, this book is completely wonderful! There is a chapter for each month, where you learn all about how to make the most of the season. In a time where we are all about fast-moving technology, this is a wonderful reminder that there is more to the world around ys than screens.

With a recipe to try, the tides, the star constellations to look out for and how nature will change that month, it is the ultimate Sunday-afternoon read. You can dip in and out, perhaps if you wanted to know which fruit will be most delicious that month, or learn about special days – for January, Seville oranges are the food of the month. A completely lovely read that lets you escape from a busy life for a few moments, falling into a relaxed, slow-lived head space. Bliss.

Something to try: cosy nights in!

I wrote the in my Ode To Winter blog post about embracing the cold of this time of year and to make the most of the cosiness. I’ve been very lucky to help Maplins test out this heated blanketand Oh My Goodness. This is one of those products you didn’t know you were missing until you try it.

Lying it on top of your mattress, it keeps you warm and cosy as your duvet or blanket keeps the heat in. I’ve never been so toasty!  With three heat settings on a remote control, you can literally lie in bed and decide how warm you want it to be. At risk of sounding like a bit of an old lady, there is nothing better than feeling cosy and reading a book in bed.

January edit

Something to watch: Hacksaw Ridge

I love discovering new favourite films. Browsing on Netflix recently we spotted Hacksaw Ridge – a true story about a conscientious objector in World War II. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of war films, I would still recommend this one. Andrew Garfield plays Desmond Doss and puts on an incredible, genuine performance. In fact if I am being honest, the whole film felt so real and raw, you forget you aren’t actually there.

The story is all about a man who knew he needed to fight for his country, but would not hold or use a gun due to his faith. The amazing story that unfolds evokes so many emotions. Completely worth a watch – the best film I have seen in a long time!

Somewhere to go: Westonbirt Arboretum

I feel like January and February are the perfect time to get outside for a proper walk. Westonbirt arboretum is beautiful in the autumn time with all the colours, but also the perfect place to go for some really fresh air. I feel like I spend a lot of time around buildings, so its nice to go somewhere completely free of them. With lots of evergreen trees still to see, pack your camera, some snacks and wear some old trainers. A stomp in the outdoors will do good things for your mindset too.

Something to eat: Aubergine Penne Arrabiata

It’s no secret that I love pasta. I definitely eat too much of it, but it so versatile and always comforting. I’ve been making a tomato sauce with aubergine, chickpeas and black olives. So good! It’s an easy, vegetarian meal with protein that you can prep before hand, even taking it to work or uni and school for lunch. Just reheat and off you go! I’ve been opting for brown pasta recently, to make things that extra bit healthier. 15 minutes to prepare and off you go, lunch, dinner or tea sorted. Easy peasy.

What have been your seasonal highlights through January?


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