Being Creative: Side Projects & Finding Your Hobby

I think lots of people class themselves as ‘not being creative’ or not having much imagination. I don’t think this is true. Everyone is creative in some way or another! Whether it is coming up with inventive meals when there’s not much left in the cupboards or being an A* art student, we are all completely capable.

I have always been more on the creative side. I love writing, which could be seen as more ‘academic’ but really, the type of writing I love is full of thought and imagination! When I was younger, I’d spend hours writing my own stories and its nice to know I still feel joy with writing – granted that blogging is a different genre.

I always have a creative project on the go. Studying textiles was just right for me. I like being given a creative brief and being told to just run with it. I’ve taught myself to needle-felt and got quite good at it, much to my own surprise! I have a lot of patience when it comes to creating. I will happily spend a few hours sewing, stitching, drawing, blogging or photo editing.

For the last year or so, my creative side project has been my blog. I love curating the content into work I feel really happy with. I’ve worked with lots of exciting brands and feel so lucky for it! That said, I am proud of myself, as I’ve put in the time to build my blog into the internet home that it is today. I can’t wait to see it hopefully grow even more in the future.

Blogging has become part of my routine now. I love it, but it is routine all the same. I need something fresh and new to try. I thought about needle-felting again and starting up an Etsy shop, but I’ve settled on something completely new! I’m going to start making my own candles. Last week I ordered my equipment and am waiting on just a couple of bits to get started. I am SO excited. I love when an idea takes over you like that; complete motivation to get stuck into something. I think having a desk job makes me even more enthusiastic to just give new things a try where I am up and about, working on something more physical – creating an actual physical thing rather than working on a computer. I know not everyone has a need to create candles, or knit or sew or draw.

Whether you try cooking, planning an exercise routine, a blog, a craft –¬†whatever it might be – I promise you’ll be pleased with yourself if you do. When an idea and a burst of inspiration arrives, just run with it. You don’t know how long good ideas hang around and I know myself that if you don’t do something with it, you’ll grow bored of the idea before you’ve even tried it.


You need to read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Her book is all about creative living beyond fear. No matter what area you want to be creative in, this beautiful book will inspire you to get started, and just not worry about whether you’ll succeed or what other people think.

Little Black Book by Othega Uwagba is the toolkit for working women. From managing your finances as a newbie, to learning new skills, networking and building your brand, this book has it all covered. I love dipping into this when I need some motivation. Perfect for anyone in the creative industry really.

Do / Fly by Gavin Strange is another brilliant book you can pick up and read at any time for a burst of oomph! By day he works at Aardman (one of my favourite film makers) and runs his own amazing side project alongside it. Practical advice that shows us we can take on our exciting personal projects and work full time too.

Do you have a creative project you love? Let me know what it is, whether that is blogging, sketching, designing etc. etc.



  1. February 14, 2018 / 4:17 pm

    I could spend hours and hours on creating something. I love baking, editing photos , creating websites! I hope candles will turn out great

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