Life Lately: An Update

Happy Sunday, my favourite day of the week. I’ve surprised myself by only writing one other blog post this week – normally I publish three or four. I always make time for blogging, so here I am again! Today’s post is just a bit of a life update – I like being able to read back and see what I’ve been up to. Some new favourite Netflix series and a fresh project included!

What I’ve Been Up To

Life has been super busy. Working 2 jobs over full-time hours means that I’ve been more than happy to just relax and watch some films in the evenings.

My new project is in full swing though – I’ve started making my own candles. I’m loving getting stuck into researching and finding the best scents, creating my candles and planning a little collection.

Sometimes looking after yourself means ditching the gym and just putting your slippers on. I’ve been asleep at 9pm at least twice this week and feel so much better for it! I’ve been trying a few new series on Netflix – The Confession Tapes being my current obsession.

The Netflix Original show is all about (you guessed it) murder confession tapes – often the ‘law vs the people’ and does make you question the authorities. It is fascinating to watch, but doesn’t make for really easy watching. If you’ve seen Making A Murderer, it is quite similar, but with one case per episode which means the pace is much faster. For anyone interested in crime/psychological/documentaries, I’d highly recommend it. In complete contrast, I’ve also watched Wild Child and Bride Wars on Netflix – favourite films from being a teenager. You’ve got to keep a balance!

Future Plans

I’m off to Centre Parcs next month – SO excited for a staycation getaway! I turn 21 next month, so I have a few nice things planned, along with some time off at Easter too. Spring is on the way and I am excited for the fresh feeling that usually arrives with it. I’d like to spend more time out walking now that the evenings are much lighter.

My plan is to carry on running and going to the gym each week, just to improve my general fitness. As of now, I want to cut out refined carbs – meaning white pasta, white rice etc. I know I feel better when choosing whole grain options, but ya know how tempting pizza can be. YUM. It is just to see how much of a difference it makes to the way I feel – I’d love to have more energy!

What has been the highlight of your week?


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