How I Take And Edit My Blog Photos

Imagery is so important to me when it comes to my blog – I make sure that I take, edit and love every photo I upload! My photography style at the moment is very light and bright, with a pink tone running through my images. I think in summer things may be a little different, but I am loving spending more time editing and using filters whilst the weather isn’t so great.

Today’s post is in collaboration with Panasonic.


Taking The Photos

Since December I have taken 80% of my blog photos with my phone. I have the iPhone 8 Plus which has such a handy portrait mode, meaning you can get that beautiful blurry background without needing a DSLR. When it comes to ‘big’ cameras, as I like to call them. I use the trusty Canon 650D with a 50mm lens. I currently have my eye on the new Lumix G9 camera, which is a 4K Wildlife and Sports camera* from Panasonic. As you’ll notice from my blog, I love shots of flowers throughout the aesthetic and it just looks dreamy for nature photography.

Lighting is incredibly important – if you can capture a great, clear, bright image to begin with, you’ll have much less work to do when it comes to editing. I love natural lighting, but a studio lighting set works brilliantly in winter, or to accompany natural light on darker days.

For me, taking all the photos myself is an important part of blogging. It feels good to know that everything here on my blog is my own, from the imagery to the writing, which I think is why I love the editing process, curating my images to suit my theme. I have a list on blog prop ideas if you fancy a read for some inspiration.

The image taken below was shot at about 9pm at night in a dark room, using soft box lighting for the bright look. On to the editing technique!

edit photos

Editing Software

For a while now, I’ve had two go-to choices when I edit photos. The first is Photoshop. You can manipulate, edit, resize, save for web, change the lighting…whatever your heart desires really. It isn’t the most affordable software, but I do agree that it is worth it if you are shooting with a DSLR camera.

When it comes to the photos I take on my phone, I only use Colour Story app. Free to download, the app pretty much does everything you could ask when it comes to editing. With so many amazing filters that will do a lot of the work for you, you can choose to use the free ones, or buy extra filter packs like I did. My favourite pack has to be ‘Seasons’. Here is the same filter, using 4 of the different months and I just love the way you can completely change the mood of the photo this way.

The editing process

Whether I am editing on Colour Story or Photoshop, I always start with the curves tool. It is pretty much a one-move trick to brighter, more crisp images without them looking over saturated. I pull the dot in the middle, up towards the top left hand corner of the screen until the desired affect is reached. That really is it! I might play around with the shadows or contrast a little, but this is the main step I take.

An amazing free filter I often use to edit photos with in Colour Story is ‘Pop’ in the Essentials kit. But more often than not, I like using the ‘Seasons’ filter, and have been using ‘Janurary’ for a couple of months now – see the images above as examples!

I’ve added the photos below to show you how much of a difference the curves tool can make. This is the same image with a lot of light included – I wouldn’t ordinarily edit photos this much but it is a good way to show the power of the curve tool.


Do you have a set style when you edit photos?

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    • marblebeauty
      February 22, 2018 / 3:52 pm

      I can’t recommend it enough! Thank you lovely, I’m so glad you liked it ☺️ xxx

  1. March 18, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    Wow you have given some great tips here, that i will definitely be giving a go. I am never 100% happy with my pictures, so these ideas are great for me to have a play around with. Thank you.

    Jacqui xxx

    • marblebeauty
      March 18, 2018 / 6:15 pm

      To be honest, I doubt any of us are ever fully happy with our photos😂 it’s so easy to criticise ourselves! You’re welcome lovely xxxx

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