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the body shop

I’ve been a big fan of The Body Shop for a long time – their different skincare collections are varied and effective at very reasonable prices. With something for everyone, there is always a new offer on, so I couldn’t resist placing an order for some new goodies.

Some of the following are brand new to me, others are repurchases of long-standing favourites. Let’s get started!

the body shop

Vitamin E Hyrdating Toner

I’ve always been slightly skeptical about toners. I think they often claim to do a lot to your skin when really, they are often near enough water in a bottle. I love a good acid toner though (the Pixi Glow Tonic and Alpha H Liquid Gold both work brilliantly) and so I was happy not using ‘regular’ toners.

Despite this, I’ve felt that a step was missing in my skincare routine. Sometimes I do just need a way to remove any excess residue from cleansing, after a face mask or just to give my skin a quick refresh. I’d had my eye on the Hydrating Toner from The Body Shop for a while as I am and probably always will be a drier-skinned gal.

At £8, this perfectly filled the toner-shaped hole in my skincare collection. Firstly, you get a 250ml bottle which will last such a long time. It smells amazing, the classic Vitamin E scent which smells like a warm hug. So comforting. Apply this liquid onto a cotton pad and sweep over your skin for clean, nourished skin, free of any traces of makeup or cleanser.

Vitamin E Facial Spray

Again, a facial spray is one of those products that I forget about being part of my routine but miss so much when I run out and don’t repurchase. I’ve gotten through at least 2 other bottles of the Vitamin E spray before – its one of my favourites!

A light, even spritz on my skin is the best feeling. This is one of my favourite multi-use products. I like spraying it after using a facemask to bring some hydration back without clogging pores with heavy moisturiser. It is the perfect primer to use before applying makeup, and during – it removes the ‘powder’ look that some setting powders leave behind. You can use it to refresh your skin during the day, or last thing at night to nourish and moistuise.

I took this on holiday with me and used it every time I got out of the pool to help combat the instant dryness that my skin seems to suffer with whenever I come into contact with chlorine. If you are on the market for a facial spray, I’d highly recommend this one, along with the Pixi Oil mist for those with really dry skin.

the body shop

The Shea Butter collection

This is a favourite scent in my house. The rich, creamy fragrance of this range is so warm and comforting, whether you are using it first thing in the morning or before you head off to bed. The shower cream is lovely, so a big one for at home and a mini one for travelling seemed just right. The handcream is so nourishing. In fact, The Body Shop have been my go-to for hand cream for a long time – my favourite is the hemp handcream.

What are your favourites from The Body Shop?



    • marblebeauty
      March 26, 2018 / 5:34 pm

      Ooh the sorbet sounds right up my street☺️ thank you for recommending- I’ll let you know how I get on with it! X

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