3 Blog Posts You Need To Read This Week

Blogs to read

Whether you read your favourite blogger’s posts daily in Bloglovin, or just click through when you see one shared on social media, there is nothing better than finding a gem of a post. One that makes you think, or provides you with fresh ideas, new inspiration. Here are 3 blog posts worth reading this week:

Thirteen Thoughts: ’13 Small changes to improve your life’

I love a good list. I use them in everyday life to keep myself organised, as well as to structure blog posts – for example, these are theĀ 12 things I think every girl should know.

Paula from Thirteen Thoughts does list-style blog posts beautifully. From journalling and being creative, to meal planning and meditating, this blog post is sure to inspire you to improve your life. Sometimes it really is the little things that make all the difference.

Her 9th point about finding a hobby is one I took on a few years go actually, and it has changed my life for the better. I now spend my time working hard on my blog or making candles and I truly feel better for it. It gives you focus, keeps you busy and a project; a distraction from anxious thoughts and overthinking.

I completely agree with pretty much all of these points – give this a read if you need a mood-boosting blast of motivation to better your life!

Beth Sandland: How to nail your instagram outfit photos

I am by no means a fashion blogger (not saying I won’t ever give it a try, but I spend far too much of my time in slippers and comfy loungewear to consider myseld an outfit expert!) which is why I loved this post so much. The lovely Beth talked through the process to ensuring you can get outfit photos you are happy with every time.

There’s definitely a nack to it, but if you can follow Beth’s tips, I think you’ll be on your way. It’s nice to see such colourful outfits too – I am currently trying to push myself out of my grey-black-white wardrobe and go for some prints for Spring. This post completely inspired me to buy some pretty dresses instead of hiding in jeans!

MilkBubbleTea: Creating an Easter Sunday table

I’ve read Becky’s blog for so many years, and her content never fails to make me happy. Her bright, pastel theme will brighten your day, and I love a good seasonal blog post. I can’t believe Easter is nearly here already!

Becky’s collaboration with TK Maxx & Homesense is worth a read. There is something to be said for home decorations – they add a cosy, homely feel. The mini-egg garland is so cute. Many of us always decorate our homes for Christmas, and maybe Halloween but not so often Easter. Time for things to change! I’m trying to embrace and enjoy each season for what it is, rather than wishing it away and this post encapsulates that feeling

Plus, I’m going to head to Homesense later this week now I know they have so many goodies in store.

Which blog posts stood out to you this week?


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