3 Daily Habits To Start As A Creative


As a creative person, I love finding new ways to be inspired and create more. Whether that is content, a sketch, photos or art, there is something special about that moment when creativity sparks. No matter how seasoned a creative person you are, sometimes the creative block hits, or you just can’t seem to get started on a new project.

These 3 ideas of daily habits you can easily incorporate into your routine should help with fresh ideas and get you into the routine of creating more of whatever it is that you love!

1. Read, watch, listen to or look at something inspiring

As someone who thrives off the next creative project, nothing makes me happier than warm, butterflies-in-your-tummy feeling you get when an idea arrives. Sometimes, all you need is an outside source to trigger off that inspiration.

I can remember reading Adrianna’s Year Of Cosy book, and seeing the page on making your own candles. Suddenly, I felt that wave of excitment – knowing that making candles would be my next project. Four months later and I am still absolutly loving the craft, still perfecting my candle collection as I go. The point is, I needed that inspiration to start me off with the idea.

You might choose to start each morning with a podcast in your chosen creative area, like curating the perfect Instagram feed, or how to make home-made jam or write engaging copy for marketing. Maybe you could subscribe to a magazine related to your favourite craft or hobby, and make a note of the articles that inspire you, motivate you to create. Or even just make the effort to people-watch whilst you are sat on the bus, to inspire your next creative writing piece. Whatever you choose, (possibly a mix of all of the above!) be sure to do it every day. This way, you’ll have a handy stock of ideas to avoid a creative slump.

2. Write things down

There is nothing worse than the feeling of a good idea that has dissapeared into the depths of your memory! Each day, jot down your thoughts. I’ve mentioned before how often I send myself a message with ideas or inspiration I get during the day. It helps to keep things documented, as even those amazing ideas that feel like they might just change your life can slip away if you are distracted long enough.

I fint that this point it two-fold – if my brain is full of too many other things (such as a shopping list or work commitments or how worried about the dentist I am!), then there just isn’t room for creativity. The solution for me is to make a note of all those sorts of things. Once written down, you won’t have to keep thinking about them. This way, your mind will be clear ready for when inspiration does strike.

3. Don’t put too much presure on your creativity

Too often, we let pressure cloud our ability to create. Knowing that a deadline or your next pay check relies on your idea materializing can squash the creative buzz. If you can, try to relieve the pressure of your content/artwork. This is easier said than done, especially if it is your one and only career.

But, there are ways to get around it. If you run a part-time blog or a creative side-business, remember that it won’t be the end of the world if you miss an upload. Whether it is a hobby or a caree, remember to give yourself a break, even if that is just half an hour. Refer back to step one of this list, keep in mind the reason that you started and just enjoy the process of forming/making – try not to think of it as ‘work’. Remember, creative folk get holiday time just like everyone else!


What are your favourite tips for keeping creativity flowing?


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