Bioderma Hydrobio Cream Review

If you have dry skin, you’ll know about the constant search for the perfect moisturiser.

I love trying out new moisturisers to see how they work with my dry and often dehydrated skin. Popping into Boots recently, I spotted the Bioderma Hydrobio Cream sat in its little blue pot and it completely caught my eye.

As you’ll probably know if you read my blog, I’m a huge fan of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream. My skin can drink it by the bucket load (seriously, I use a pot so quickly!) but it is pretty lightweight. The Bioderma version listed similar qualities but in a cream form instead of a gel.

I’m a girl who likes to research a product before I buy it. I love reading reviews about makeup and skincare to find the best one for me – it is quite unusual for me to spontaneously buy a product without Googling it first.

The Bioderma Cream was calling my name though. At ¬£15, it felt like a price point I’d be happy to pay if it worked, so I bought it there and then. I know, I know, some people’s idea of being spontaneous might be booking flights abroad…mine was buying new skincare without reading the reviews first!

The Hydrabio Cream (or creme if you go by the packaging) is marketed as a mosisturiser to restore suppleness, radiance and softness. It is hypoallergenic (minimal fragrance and no mineral oil or parabens) and suitable for “dry, sensitive and very dry skin” types.

You get 50ml of product in a plastic pot, which looks like glass but is much more travel-friendly. I love the blue packaging too – it certainly looks like it will pack a punch when it comes to moisturisation.


So how does it work?

After a couple of months using it, I’ve curated a few thoughts on the Hydrabio Creme. The thick texture feels so moistuising as you apply it, and does leave skin feeling moisturised for a long time afterwards. Due to the thick consistency, it does apply best over the top of a serum if you have dry skin. A more slippery base allows it to be moved across your face more easily.

Unfortunately it does have one downfall, which is that due to the silicone content, it can rub into little balls on your skin when used with certain other skincare products. I discovered this first when I applied before makeup and started buffing foundation in…to find it all coming off my skin!

Because of this, I’ve taken to using it as a night cream. I don’t have a problem with this, and I know the ‘balling up’ problem would be better if I used less product. But, I love to slather on lots of moisturiser so I’m happier using it at night time.

Each time I use it (probably around 4 nights per week), my skin feels supple and soft the next morning, so it certainly does its job well.

Would I repurchase it? Probably not, but this is more for the fact that I like trying new moisturisers rather than disliking this Hydrabio Creme. I have to really love a moisturiser to be loyal to it!

Which moisturiser should I try next?



    • marblebeauty
      June 20, 2018 / 8:30 pm

      Thanks lovely, let me know if you decide to try it! X

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