The Lip Balm Addiction

Dior lip glow

The best way to describe how I feel about lip balm is that you can never have too many. I keep one in my coat pocket, on on my bedside table and a couple in each bag. Some have a matte finish, some glossy and some lip balms are just dreamy to use.

Like most of us, I started with using Vaseline when I was younger. Nowadays it is perfect for putting on your nose when you have a cold but apart from that, I’m not much of a Vaseline lip girl anymore (their body moisturisers are a different story; I can’t count how many bottles of their Spray Moisturiser I’ve gone through!).

From the high street, you can’t get much better than a little pot of Carmex. It does the job nicely and is so affordable. Same with Blistex if you need a real treatment for dry lips – apply before bed and it works wonders on your lips through the night.

The first high-end lip balm I tried was the Nuxe Reve De Miel lipbalm. It was love at first use. Nuxe have seriously it the nail on the head with the Reve De Miel balm. With a softening matte formula and a pot that lasts for months (I’ve definitely had my current pot longer than the 6 month expiry date…oops) and is priced at a reasonable £10 for such a high quality product. Plus it smells like chocolate orange…

Nuxe gave me my first taste of a luxury lip balm. Ordinarily, balm is a not-s0-glamourous beauty product but treating yourself to a high-end lip balm suddenly makes applying it such a treat. If it works, I’m willing to pay a little more.

The Emile Cordon Cashmere Lip Pots were first sent to me to try in 2017 and are still a staple part of my routine. I have 2 scents, one in No. 72 Cocoand on in No.1 Lisa. One in my handbag and one in my makeup bag. These are pricey but feel so luxurious, not to mention a very pretty pot to keep on your bedside table. I tend to apply a layer before doing my makeup, letting the balm sink in and soften ready for lipstick to go on top.

And finally, I have to talk about my current love. The Dior Addict Lip Glow is my favourite lip treat. One of the tinted balms is apparently sold somewhere around the world every 60 seconds, and for good reason. At around £23, it feels like a lot to splash out on a lip balm. That said, I can vouch for the fact that Dior’s Lip Glow is worth every penny. I love it!

Which other lip balms do I need to try?


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