Weleda Wild Rose Natual Deoderant review

I know deodorant isn’t one of the most glamorous products to talk about, yet it’s something we all use daily. A little while ago, I started using the ThinkDirty app to learn more about what each of my favourite beauty products. I wasn’t too surprised to learn that the deodorants I generally use all came out as either ‘orange’ or ‘red’ products. In other words, they definitely weren’t ‘clean’, so I decided to make the switch to natural deodorant for the most part.

Up until now, I had been happily buying whichever aerosol antiperspirant that was on offer. If I hadn’t started looking into clean beauty, I probably would have continued using them for years to come. I’d always reach for ‘antiperspirants’ but had never stopped to think about what this really means. Antiperspirants block your underarm pores from perspiring, and this is done with aluminium salts, which can be harmful at high doses. Whilst there is definitely a time and place where ‘heavy duty antiperspirants’ would come in handy (probably festivals, flights, sports, and nerve-wracking situations like job interviews or driving tests!), I decided that for day-to-day life, I’d like to use a simpler, natural deodorant.

Enter Weleda! It’s a brand which is popping up on every green beauty article I read, known for their natural approach to skin and body care. Waitrose stock a great range of their products. I decided to start with the Wild Rose deodorant, which is 100% certified natural and contains no aluminium salts.

The Wild Rose deodorant comes in a glass bottle with a spray pump, which is super easy to apply. It makes the most of essential oils to leave you with a fresh feeling and a floral fragrance all day, and is free from synthetic preservatives and colourants too. Retailing at almost £9, it felt pretty pricy but I’m willing to spend more on good, high-quality products that are better for my skin and the environment.

I feel like I need to start by saying that this is without a doubt, the best scented deodorant I have ever tried. I would literally wear this as perfume! It’s the most beautiful rose scent, and has made me so aware of just how synthetic artificial deodorants smell. I was worried about using a liquid product rather than an aerosol spray but I needn’t have worried, it dries down quickly and hasn’t stained any clothing. It’s surprisingly effective at keeping you fresh all day, and has really highlighted for me that I just did not need the pore-clogging, aerosols that I’ve been using for years. So would I recommend? Absolutely, and it’s worth the £9 or so just for the peace of mind in knowing I’m using a safe and natural option.


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