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After months of being very absent from this space of the internet, I found myself with some free time and a desire to write, so I’ve tentatively started typing. Earlier this week, I used the timeline on my blog to see what I had been writing about in March during previous years. The ‘me’ from 2018 wrote a blog post every single day in March and I completly loved reading the content again. The freqent posts felt like a diary, so it was interesting to see which products I was using and what I’d been up to. The posts felt cosy and homely, filled with all my favourite things and I realised that I missed that feeling.

So whilst I’d love to rebrand my blog into something more fitting with my interests now, I’ve decided to try writing a few posts and see how it feels. If all goes well, it might be time for a new blog name, which I imagine wouldn’t be too much of a big deal, as I doubt many readers from my frequent blogging days are still around (hello if you’re still out there!). But for the time being, a more gentle introduction back in to blogging feels more fitting.

A couple of the reasons I stopped blogging included ongoing tendonitis in my arms (which still rears its head every couple of weeks, but is more or less under control!), plus the fact that I already spend far too much of my time looking at screens. I switched to cruelty-free and more natural beauty products so shifted away from many of the brands I used to write about. Streamlining my skincare and makeup collections meant that I was no longer on the hunt for new products all the time. I’ve been living in the moment more and trying to spend as much free time doing things that I enjoy IRL – reading, cooking, yoga and spending time with friends and family. This combined with the feeling that not many people would miss my blog if I stopped writing meant that it has been off my radar for a while now.

The thought of using my blog like a diary to look back on feel exciting again, so I feel inspired to document a few aspects of my life. Probably more along the lines of places to visit, recipes to try, cruelty-free beauty picks and my favourite TV series or films. Partly for you, as a reader to hopefully enjoy and learn something from, which is always my favourite part of reading other people’s content. But also for me, as a way to create joyful content about the things I love most. Here’s to more blog content in the future!




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