New to my blog?

If this is your first time on my blog, then welcome! I’ve been writing here on Marble Beauty since 2016.

I love writing about beauty, lifestyle and everything in between. Some days you’ll see posts about my favourite mascaras, and other days I’ll write about quotes I love, or why I love Christmas so much. I hope you’ll enjoy the variety, but if there is a certain category that you’d like to browse through, feel free to pick your category of choice from column on the right.

new to my blog

For the first 8 months of blogging, I posted content daily! I was very lucky to have enough spare time to keep up with daily blogging. Since I started working full time in June 2017, I tend to post a couple of times each month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Because my blog is my lovely happy place, I don’t put too much pressure on myself as I like it to stay fun!

My favourite part of blogging has to be talking to the lovely girls (and small percentage of guys!) who read my posts. Thoughtful comments always make my day, and I reply to every single one, so I’d love to get chatting to you!

new to my blog

So where should you start?

If you want to learn more about me, head to my ‘About Me‘ page where I’ve chatted about myself. There are some blog posts I’ve written that I feel paticularly proud of, so I’ll link them for you now. These might be my favourites because I was pleased with the photos, have happy memories attatched to them or just because they seemed to go down really well with you guys!

The £5 Gucci Belt dupe: I don’t post fashion content very often (yet) so I was over the moon when this blog post became the number one search result for Gucci Belt Dupe!

Tips for Emetaphobia: It won’t apply to everyone, but it makes me feel amazing to know that this post has helped people with something I have stuggled with. I had the most lovely message from a reader who was so grateful for this post, which made it very much worthy of being one of my favourites.

Five Friday Favourites: A series that I sometimes write here on my blog. The tend to include a recipe to follow, a beauty product to try, a quote to live by, a blogger to follow and a book to read.

The Importance of Me-Time & Self Care: One of the more honest, chatty posts I’ve shared. I have no shame in saying how much of a homely person I am, and why self-care will always make you feel better.

Beginners Guide – Using a DSLR camera: This has such a lovely response from readers who found it helpful – hopefully you will find it handy too.

Starting a creative side project: My thoughts on why everyone needs a creative project to get stuck into, whether that is blogging or knitting!

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